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Our Mission

SBB Media inspires, informs and connects. As a diversified media group, we bring information, experiences, education and entertainment to millions of people every month. We make sure that quality content and interesting products and services are easily available and meet the demands of our readers. 

Our values are creativity, reliability and dynamism.

  • Creative work is the essence of communications
  • Creativity and reliability form the basis of all our activities
  • Dynamic people are essential to our success

Our mission is to be the market leader in satisfying people's need for information and education and for an easier and happier life.

Our vision is to be the media company of opportunities and operational excellence.

Strategic objectives

  • Keeping and strengthen our leading positions, with a focus on sustainable growth and profitability. 
  • Be the market leader in our core businesses
  • Meeting the needs of our users and readers
  • Rozali
  • Harper's bazaar
  • Story
  • National Geographic
  • Кулинарен журнал
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Гответе с мен
  • Elle
  • Здравен Журнал
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Журнал за жената