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Moetodete.bg is:

  • a website, where you can find everything about pregnancy and motherhood
  • a community where everyone can share their emotions and fears
  • useful and valuable advices for health, beauty and fashion during pregnancy, after the childbirth and while bringing up the child
  • a circle of friends, among which you can have fun and meet new people, sharing the same interests
  • a personal space, where one can create its own child diary with precious and unforgettable moments
  • Monthly unique visitors: 80 thousand
  • Average daily unique visitors: 4.3 thousand
  • Monthly page views: 350 thousand
  • Registered users: 58.5 thousand
  • Newsletter subscribers: 20 thousand
  • Facebook fans: 38.9 thousand

Demographic profile

  • 56% live in Sofia and the big cities
  • 97% completed secondary or university education
  • 87% shop online

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  • Гответе с мен
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  • Здравен Журнал
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