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  • e-look into the life of fun, fearless, successful and amazing females, who want to have it all right Here right Now
  • offers online information, necessary to modern women in order to succeed in today's fast world
  • attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands female visitors monthly
  • focuses on any kind of topics of interest for young fearless modern women, curios and eager to try new things, quality products and services
  • Monthly unique visitors: 120 thousand
  • Average daily unique visitors: 9.1 thousand
  • Monthly page views: 3 million
  • Registered visitors: 71.3 thousand
  • Facebook fans: 48 thousand

Demographic profile

  • 62% live in Sofia and the big cities
  • 90% completed secondary or university education
  • 86% shop online

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  • Rozali
  • Harper's bazaar
  • Story
  • National Geographic
  • Кулинарен журнал
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Гответе с мен
  • Elle
  • Здравен Журнал
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Журнал за жената