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We, employees of SBB Media AD, are the largest magazine publisher in Bulgaria and one of the biggest internet publishers in Bulgaria. 

Our mission

In our everyday work quality and professionalism are our leading standards. Our mission is to be market leader in satisfying peoples needs for information, education and their desire for an easier and happier life.

Our vision

To be a company, which offers many professionals opportunities and expert opinions.

Our values

We strongly believe in value of our magazines and their potential to be transformed in multimedia products. Our desire is to improve them constantly and thus offer high quality products, which help us to develop and maintain long term and profitable relations with our partners.

We are convinced that by our exciting and inspiring work we can meet and face all challenges of the dynamic life.

We believe that all ideas and opinions of our colleagues are important.

We support the personal initiative of each one and stimulate the continuous development towards high motivation and professional standards. 

  • Rozali
  • Harper's bazaar
  • Story
  • National Geographic
  • Кулинарен журнал
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Гответе с мен
  • Elle
  • Здравен Журнал
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Журнал за жената