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General information

All CPM campaigns run guaranteed on the specific CPM positions in fixed term, according to additionally prepared and approved media plan.

The distribution of the impressions during the period of the campaign is balanced. All paid campaigns are served with higher priority than all other campaigns (auto promotions and remnant inventory).

Media plans are accepted not later than 3 days before the start of the campaign. When changing a media plan in a term shorter than 3 days before the start date, SBB Media will overcharge the advertiser/the agency with 20% of the gross prices for the changed ad positions.

Advertising banners, developed in Macromedia Flash, are published online in .SWF format for Flash Player 9. It’s required to provide also the source files of the banners (.fla files); and all used in the file characters or converted in curves; exported .swf file for Flash Player 9, according to the weight in kb for the specific ad format. All banners are accepted for delivery after technical check in and approval by a technical person of SBB Media.

SBB Media reserves the right to postpone the campaign, if provided banners do not meet all technical requirements. All banners have to be provided to the publisher not later than one day before the start of the campaign.

Upon request every client gets a specific username and password for real time monitoring of the statistics and certificate of the delivered impressions and clicks, not later than 5 days after the end of the campaign.

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